Absoluto – Open-source alternative for Trello


Absoluto is a old-style PHP open-source alternative to Trello with many interesting features. You can download and install on your web server, with no limits.

Trello is a great tool. I love it! But I miss some simple features. And to get it, I won’t to pay for add-ons or third party applications with integrations. So, I decided to develop an alternative, cheaper and functional.

Absoluto is not a simple queue managment or kanban software. It’s offers a simple way to keep things on multiple boards and lists, organized by importance (vertical ordering), status (horizontal ordering) and deadlines.

Don’t miss important things! You can check everything on just one calendar. You can import it to you favorite agenda software as Google Calendar or Microsoft Oulook.

Main Features

  • Create boards, lists, cards and users, as many as you want
  • Organize your boards into folders
  • Swap between boards on main menu
  • Track your time spent on each card
  • Check and export your time report to CSV
  • Add comments and upload files to cards
  • Define start and deadline dates to each card
  • See all dates from all boards in just one calendar
  • Drag and drop cards on calendar to reschedule start and deadline
  • Keep all dates on your agenda using iCal URL
  • Set types to lists (columns) to get diferent behaviors on dates
  • Create scheduled and recuring cards
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive and finger friendly interface


Absoluto is an open-Souce old-style PHP software made with AppGini code generator. It’s light, easy and simple. No obfuscated codes.

Is Absoluto a free open-source software?

Yes! Absoluto is absolutely free! Enjoy it!


If Absoluto makes your life better and you want to keep this project alive, please consider to make a donation.


If you are a developer and you want to sugest code improvements, new features or things like that, visit Absoluto on GitHub.

Environment and Setup

Environment requirements:

  • Apache + PHP 5.6 (or higher)
  • MySQL 4 (or higher)



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